So many of my childhood photographs are missing an important person because they were taking the photograph, so often someone would say "I'll take the next one with you in it" and the Next One never came around.

Life moves so quickly, the only way to hold onto a moment forever is to have it documented.. That's where I come in!

Photographs can evoke so many emotions. The way I see it is if a photograph I've taken - a moment that I've captured - can make you smile, laugh or cry in the same way the moment did - be it a month ago or a year ago - then my job here is done..




{Insert generic sentences about loving photography since the age of two!}

I’m sure you’ve read it about 3 million times on other pages, so I’ll spare you!


What I will do is tell you a little about myself...


- I'm from Frodsham, a gorgeous large village/small town in Cheshire.

- I have a British Bulldog called Bodge, he's the funniest little creature in the world, filling my days with endless entertainment.

- I never say "no" to any form of cheese.

- I started studying photography in 2008, where the teacher firmly told us not to go into wedding photography.

- I ignored my teachers.

- I absolutely LOVE weddings: both photographing and attending! (Although when I'm attending I think I should be photographing and when I'm photographing I am almost definitely eyeing up your Pimms!)

- My second passion in life is baking.. Cakes, cookies, macarons and anything else I can get my teeth into.

- Self-confessed trashy TV watcher: I'm talking Desperate Housewives, Friends, Gossip Girl, Sex and The City, Ugly Betty, Gilmore Girls, Cougar Town... Swear I should have been born American!

- I love other people's babies and tiny humans - not my own, no no! - and have made many little friends with my extensive Disney knowledge!


Things I love too bloody much...

- Instagram

- Yankee Candles

- Completely unnecessary and pointless trinkets

- Tea

- Singing. LOUD.

- Insanely fluffy blankets

- Tiffany Blue

- Paris

- Groupon

- Chatting

- Sparkly things

- Gin

- Love


I am based in Cheshire so have done a large amount of work in surrounding areas such as Chester, Manchester and Liverpool, in addition to travelling the country quite extensively for weddings. And if I need to get on a plane to photograph your wedding, well that fills me with absolute glee too!

My approach to your wedding is unobtrusive; capturing natural moments that tell a story, being close to the events of your Big Day without imposing on it. 


I hope to hear from you really soon!

Helen xo