Despite it's previously negative connotations, the term "Bucket List" has become quite wide-spread all over the world as a collection of wishes and dreams that people want to do, see and achieve in their lifetime. My own personal Bucket List is actually based around photography: dream weddings that I would absolutely adore to be involved in. Some of them are out-of-this-world fantasy weddings, others are completely achievable! *she says, with fingers, legs and toes crossed!*

If you are planning a wedding, and any of these themes or locations are involved I would love to offer you a Bucket List Discount on your Wedding Photography.

  • A New York Wedding - think yellow cabs, sky scrapers, tourists, hot dogs, Central Park... Ahhhh the dream!

  • A Tipi Wedding - * DONE * Click here to have a nose and maybe get some inspo of your own!

  • A surprise Wedding - just imagine it, everyone thinking they're invited to a party!

  • A Wedding at/near/around Stonehenge

  • A Disney Wedding - Disneyland.. Disney World.. Disney Cruise.. Disney themed.. Anything Mickey!

  • A Wedding at a zoo

  • An Elopement

  • A London, city-centre Wedding - bonus points if I can photograph you on the Underground!

  • A Wedding at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, Oxfordshire - *DONE* Click here to check out all the gorgeous-ness!

  • A circus/carnival/fun-fair Wedding - all the colours, music and lights.. Candy floss, teacups, animals, trapeze artists... The mind boggles!!

  • A Wedding in a museum or art gallery

  • A Harry Potter Wedding - whether you're thinking subtle touches here and there or full-on Wingardium Leviosa, I am THERE!

  • A Wedding I could shoot purely in black and white

  • A Wedding at Victoria Baths, Manchester

  • A Scottish Wedding - BOOKED!!!! Keep an eye out… it’s in the diary!

  • A Wedding on a beach

  • A Wedding at The Asylum, London - PLEASE!

  • A Wedding on a working farm - *DONE* Click here to have a nose!

  • A Wedding at an aquarium

  • A treehouse Wedding

  • A Wedding on a boat - be it a yacht, the HMS Warrior, a cruise, a barge or a canoe

  • A show-stopper - On a cliff top.. In a forest.. Under a waterfall.. Up the mountains.. The wackier, the better!

  • A Wedding in a castle - *DONE* Click here to check it out!

My Bucket List isn't complete, so if you think you can help me tick off something that's so amazing that I've not even thought of it then please do get in touch - I'd love to hear what you have planned!

Helen xo